A LIST OF Software I OWN & use


I work on all popular OS Platforms including Windows 7 and 10, iOS MAC, Linux and Android.

1. Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CC (Adobe certified)

2. Saffire Particle Illusion (special effects for video and illustration)

3. Adobe Illustrator CS6 and CC

4. Adobe Premier Pro CS6 and CC (w/ Audition, Encore, After Effects)

5. Adobe Acrobat CS6 and CC (full version)

6. Adobe InDesign CS6 and CC

7. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 and CC (web development tools, JAVA, CSS, HTML 5, PHP, AJAX)

8. QuarkXPress V.8.0

9. CorelDraw (all versions up to 2017)--Member: Association of CorelDRAW Professionals (ACDRP)

10. Corel Painter v.12

11. CorelCAD

12. AutoCAD

13. Solidworks 3D (My latest project using SolidWorks 3D was an aluminum-CNC milled cellphone case.  I do not have this program at my home office due to its high cost.)

14. AutoDesk Fusion (for making physical 3D printed models from STL files)

15.  CararraPro v.8.5 (3D development tools)

16. DAZ Studio 4.9 (3D character/animator program)

17. Sketchup 2017 (3D development tools w/ Twilight Render v.2.5 plugin) I am holding tight to the 2017 version because all later versions are ‘cloud based’ and not as good.

18. MS Office 2016 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Access, OneNote)

19. MS Project 2016--I manage and track all my projects using it.

20.  Unity v 5.3 (game development platform--I am currently building my own VR world called Elandria--stay tuned to a new website on this in 2019). Since it is a hobby, there is no genuine deadline.

21. Unreal Game Engine Editor v4.1 (some of Elandria is being built on this engine--particularly the GUI)